From our hives to your home.


Our honeybees are shipped to you in a small wooden box that we construct on our farm with our own natural resources. The sliding screen top has an enlarged opening at each end where the honeybee will crawl out when you’re ready, making it easy to grab one bee at a time with your tweezers.

Each box is filled with a sugary paste to feed the bees during transit. Upon arrival, we recommend feeding the bees a little bit of honey, daily, which can be put on the top of the sliding plastic screen. This method can sustain the bees for a few weeks.  For more info click CARE FOR YOUR BEES

Each box contains approximately sixty honeybees. Carefully crafted over many years, our honeybees are docile and easy to use. We are proud to have provided well over 155,000 boxes to thousands of customers nationwide over the past 25 years.



If you are new to bee sting therapy check here to see if we have listed any apitherapists in your area: APITHERAPISTS LIST


 Affordable Pricing for a Premier Product


Scheduled Ordering

We offer automatic shipping for accounts secured with a credit card. When your account reaches zero, four more boxes will be charged to your credit card eliminating any lapses between shipments so you can receive your bees on time.  Scheduled orders are shipped Monday or Tuesday each morning.  Depending on your location, you will receive your shipment in 1-3 days.

In order to receive this service, four boxes must be ordered/purchase at one time.  Then Ferris Apiaries will ship as needed.

Customers living in rural areas may be subject to a UPS extended shipping charge.

    • SUMMER PRICING (May 16th – September 14th)
Ship Zones 1-5 Ship Zones 6-8
   $13.00/box + $13.00/shipping= $104.00 Total for 4 boxes $13.00/box + 2DA or 1DA shipping@ UPS advertised price
    • WINTER PRICING (September 15th – May 15th)
Ship Zones 1-5 Ship Zones 6-8
  $16.00/box + $13.00/shipping= $116.00 Total for 4 boxes $16.00/box + 2DA or 1DA shipping@ UPS advertised price



Single Box Ordering

Single boxes are usually shipped the same day they are ordered (Monday – Wednesday) when ordered before 2 pm EST.  This will ensure UPS can deliver the bees by the weekend so they will not sit in a UPS warehouse.

Thursday orders must be made no later than 10:00 am EST.  A Thursday order can ship 2DA; Saturday delivery.  If Saturday delivery is not available in your area the bees must ship 1DA.

Ship Zones 1-5 Ship Zones 6-8
  $18.25/box + $13.00/shipping= $31.25 Total Cost $18.25/box + 2DA or 1DA shipping@ UPS advertised price



Why does Ferris Apiaries have Summer and Winter pricing?

Opening bee hives in the colder months is detrimental to the hives’ overall health and strength.  In order to provide our product, extra care and expense is necessary to provide a year-round service to our customers.

Our honeybees let UPS do the flying.


Ferris Apiaries ships exclusively with UPS.  Unfortunately, we cannot ship honeybees to all points in the continental United States via any other carrier.  We have learned through extensive experience that the U.S. Postal Service is unable to consistently deliver our product alive and on time.

By shipping our honeybees via UPS, you are able to track your package from the time it leaves our farm in South Carolina until the time at arrives to it’s final destination.  UPS costs a little more than the U.S. postal system but they provide our product, your medicine, the state of the art shipping it deserves.   We do not make exceptions to our chosen shipping method.  Please review our SHIPPING POLICY

The only reason we ask for your email address is so UPS can notify you when your shipment has left our farm.  We do not share any customer information with anyone and do not send out spam.  If you have placed an order with us and did not receive an email from UPS the day it is supposed to be shipped, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Things UPS Can Do To Reduce Shipping Stress

Shipping can be very stressful for the bees.  We have no control over their environment once they leave here, but there are things that you can do on your end to reduce this stress.  Click here to see how UPS can help.




What forms of payment does Ferris Apiaries accept?


We gladly accept Visa and Mastercard.

We also accept checks and money orders, however, these must be received prior to shipping your order.  A $25 Returned Check Fee will be charged for all returned checks.