About Us

Our business began with one hive.


Originally our business was located on a 200 acre farm in rural Southern Maryland.  In 2016 we moved our operation to Yemassee, South Carolina where the climate is much easier on the bees.  What began as a hobby quickly transcended into a flourishing apiary. By 1990, I had more than 25 hives, and as luck would have it, I met Pat Wagner, otherwise known as “The Bee Lady.”

Pat described herself as a breathing corpse. She lacked vitality, was bound to a wheel chair, nearly blind. I went to watch her tell her story of how Multiple Sclerosis had crippled her and how she was turning to Bee Venom Therapy to save her life. I saw her months later at an Apitherapy Society meeting and was pleased to see a remarkable improvement. The color returned to her face, she had more energy, and her spirit seemed revitalized. She asked me one of the most significant questions to date, “Do you think you could mail bees to people that need them for stinging?” Within a year I gave up my job and concentrated on keeping bees full-time in order to meet the need of countless people suffering from various ailments. I now keep nearly 120 hives and my wife and I ship our honey bees all over the country to hundreds of customers. We are proud to say we have provided well over 12 MILLION stings and served over 5000 customers!

While we have dedicated our lives to the hive and the honey bee, we value our commitment to providing this country with an alternative to conventional medicine. We encourage anyone interested in learning more about what we do to give us a call or reach us via email. We look forward to hearing from you, and more importantly, providing you with the tools you need to embark upon a future with Bee Venom Therapy.

Best Regards,
Greg & Michelle (Mitz) Ferris