Greg’s Book – The Crystallization of Space

When I was six years old, my parents got the bright idea of raising their family in the country.  In 1958 they bought a 185 acre farm and we moved from the suburbs to desolate paradise.  Our first house there was a little cinder block shack.  It had running water, cold only, and an indoor bathroom.  An oil space heater in the floor in the center of the house was our heat and a fan in the window was our air conditioning.  We had a radio but no television.  Life was very simple back then.

On the farm we raised wheat, corn, soy beans, and tobacco.  We also maintained a large vegetable garden.  When I wasn’t working on the farm I was out exploring in my 100 acre forest.  The forest and the streams were my play ground.  I had to use my imagination to keep myself entertained.  Those my friends were my “Good Old Days!”

I was raised in an Atheist household.  All my friends in school were Christians.  I decided to explore Christianity at an early age and attended church most of my elementary school years.  But for some reason God just never made sense to me.  When I was almost thirty a young Catholic girl picked me and I married her.  She has been my soul mate for over 40 years now.

I have been pondering my existence all my life.  I am a senior citizen now and am slowing down.  I decided to take some time and put those ponderings down on paper.  It is not a long book, just 32 (8 1/2 x 11) pages, comb bound, and contains about 50 illustrations.  It is my theory of how we came to be from nothing but space.  It may be the most spiritual book you will ever read.


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