Beekeeping Course

2019  Beekeeping Classes


 Classes are held 10:00 to 12:00 @  807 Kings Hwy, Yemassee SC 29945

in my shop, the BIG RED BARN



Classes will be taught by myself, Greg Ferris.  I have been a commercial beekeeper since 1993.  I do not teach how to keep bees;  I teach about the honey bee itself.  I believe that if you have a good knowledge about the animal’s behavior and capabilities, you have the tools needed to make the proper decisions for your beekeeping endeavor.  Everybody keeps bees for a different reason, therefore everyone will have their own ways of doing it.  The bees will teach you how to behave around them and they have the most effective way of teaching us.


  March 2 – Introduction to Beekeeping

This is a 2 hour PowerPoint lecture introducing you to the world of bees.  Topics will include bee history, equipment needed, protective gear,  what you can expect, what you can get out of the hobby, etc.


 March 9 – Honeybee Diseases and Pests

This is a 2 hour PowerPoint lecture on the gloom and doom of beekeeping.  Diseases and critters that are detrimental to honey bees will be discussed along with diagnosis and  treatments.


 March 16-  Honey Bee Anatomy

This is a 2 hour PowerPoint lecture on how the honey bee is made, its seasonal habits, and how it perceives the world it lives in.


 March 23 -Honey Bee Economics

This is a 2 hour PowerPoint lecture on all the different things  honey bees do to survive in this world.  This is my favorite lecture.  Even if you have been keeping bees for many years, you will enjoy this show.  The honey bee is truly an amazing creature.



Classes are $15.00 each or all 4 for $50.00

School Students Free!

 I have 33 seats available!  Call or email me to reserve yours!

1 800 787-4669 or