Custom Woodwork

My Wood Shop

I do custom woodwork in my wood shop as well.  Cabinets, trim work, furniture, and just about anything else that is made from wood.  I have CNC capabilities for repetitive work, carving, lettering, etc.  I’m able to plane boards up to 30 inches wide and 8 inches thick.  Click here to see some examples of my work.

My machinery ranges from the ultra modern Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC)  machines to antique vintage machinery.  I prefer the older machines to the ones they make now.  They are simply built better.  To see more of my machines, click here to visit my museum.


Saw Mill



I do custom sawing also.  I can Handle logs up to 36 inches in diameter and 16 feet long.  Cost for typical sawing is $0.25 per board foot.

The band mill produces about 10% more lumber per log than the conventional circular  saw mills due to it’s smaller saw kerf.

Very little goes to waste around here.  My neighbor raises horses and the saw dust and planner chips are used as bedding in his horse stalls.  The slab wood produced by the saw mill is used for fuel.




 The Stacking Shed


Lumber is stacked and stickered here to dry slowly down to 10% moisture content.   It then goes into the lumber kiln for final drying down to less than 6% moisture content.


My Lumber Kiln


I have my own lumber kiln.  I use the slab wood produced in the sawing process and the scraps from the wood shop to fuel the kiln.  Lumber is generally air dried in the stacking shed until it reaches a 10 percent moisture content.  Then it is run through the kiln at 130 degrees for three days.  This process drives the moisture content to below 6 percent and kills any wood boring insects that may be in the wood.